Writing Coach

Susan offers personal coaching in writing for students in middle school through graduate school.  She is a certified teacher in Language Arts and Reading, a curriculum writer and editor, and author of the Kindle book, Biz Ideas for Kids.

Online or In-Person Option

She is available for one-on-one or small group tutoring in the Buckhead area, and also offers online tutoring in conjunction with personal tutoring or as an alternative to in-person sessions.  Online tutoring is offered via web conference platform where the tutor and student can view and edit a document simultaneously.  Video recordings of online sessions are provided to the student.


She served as Associate Editor of Educational Studies, an academic journal headquartered at Georgia State University. She is currently working as an editor for Write Advisors, LLC, where she just finished editing the recently published CEO’s Secrets to IT Success by Linda Lee Hughes. She has written on many different topics for clients, mostly in her role as a business coach.  She has taught English and reading at the middle school and high school level for over 10 years, both as a classroom teacher and private tutor. Currently she writes and edits online lessons in both Language Arts and Social Studies for Southwestern Publishing.


Susan always assumes the role of the teacher and not the professional editor with students.  She explains every change she suggests and makes sure the student understands why she is making that suggestion.  This is more time consuming that editing, but her goal is to make the student a better writer rather than to get him or her a better grade on a given assignment.  


Other Services you might be interested in from the Longley family:


Pet Sitting:  Just the Basics

$10 per visit includes feeding and a quick poop&pee walk for dogs or  litter box scooping for cats. Cross Creek, Hanover West and Bohler Road ONLY.



Joy (age 17) is a state-level competitive swimmer, swim coach (Chastain Tidal Waves and Buckhead Aquatics) and lifeguard. Call her for parties at your pool.


Wall Art for your Kid’s Room

Here is a detail from the sun Charles painted on Joy’s wall. After adding all the layers he finished it with a final coat of glitter paint. He’s currently painting a dresser to match a new paint job, and would enjoy talking with you about your ideas for decorating with paint.



Cake Decorating

Ian (age 15) can decorate a cake for your kids’ birthday party or family event. $35 donation accepted for a 9″ round cake of your design.  Here are some samples of his work:

Cake Collage


Raw Dog and Cat Food:  Premium Nutrition

We deliver Bright Eyes Pet Food in the northwest Atlanta area. This is a raw dog and cat food produced in Green Bay by AFS, founded in 1991 by Gerry Nash. Nash began formulating fresh meat diets for carnivores back in the early 1970s, and introduced his perfected diets in 1975, selling to zoos, circuses and greyhound racing breeders. The diet includes fresh muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone and vitamins and minerals. For more info please see www.brighteyespet.com.